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Learning theory concept maps

Development theory concept maps

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  • EdPsy 317 Learning and Human Development with Educational Technologies
    Spring 2003

    Department of Educational Psychology
    University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

    Jim Levin
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    This course provides students with an introduction to human learning and development with educational technology. We will tackle real challenges facing researchers in this area, working within a Technology Studies in Education Challenges workspace. We will jointly construct conceptual maps of human learning theories and human development theories, and validate those maps through our own analyses and through interaction with researchers around the world. While other courses emphasize the design of educational technology, or recommendations for using technology toward the most productive ends in the classroom or other contexts, this course focuses on the relationship of educational technology to theories of learning and human development. Students will thus examine the literature on learning theory and development, the history and underpinnings of research in educational technology as it pertains to learning and development, and state-of-the art technology innovations tied to specific theories of learning and development. Historical readings in the field of educational technology are chosen for their foundational quality: they inform current beliefs about technology, they demonstrate how assumptions about technology change as technological capability changes, and they provide a necessary backdrop to examine the state of technology use in schools (many of which are inevitably "behind" in technology adoption and integration). Students will read about theories of learning and development twice: once in summary or overview readings integrating multiple theories and approaches, and again in studies wherein theories of learning and development are tied to technology research and design.