McComb, U. S. A

The McComb Freedom School Play

This is a site created by a Department of Curriculum & Instruction class in history education at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana in order to create a meaningful primary resource for teachers and classes studying the Civil Rights Movement.  The site provides:


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 This website draws on the work of George W. Chilcoat and Jerry A. Ligon  (1998) "Theatre as an emancipatory tool:  Classroom drama in the Mississippi Freedom Schools."  Journal of  Curriculum Studies, 30 (5), 515-543. We would like to thank George (Skip) Chilcoat for providing us the texts used to develop this version of McComb, U.S.A

The text of McComb, U.S.A. is found in two versions in the Henry Bowie papers, State Historical Society of Wisconsin. The version of the play presented here is a collation  of both (incomplete) versions. McComb, U.S.A. is published here with the permission of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin.

* C&I 407, Spring 2002:  Ian Westbury, Kristina Blatchford, Sara Brereton, Tyrone Jones, Cory Overstreet, and Kate Purl; revised January, 2012.