Multilevel Analysis/Hierarchical Linear Modeling
Edpsych/Psych/Stat 587
C.J. Anderson
Fall 2016

Last revised: December 6, 2016

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      General Information (MSword format):

  • Nov 3: Final exam is posted along with data.
  • Oct 18: Class on Thursday will be Open office hours for extra help with R, SAS, etc.
  • Oct 17: Lab 3 will be Tuesday October 18: R at 9:00-10:30 and SAS at 10:30-12:00.
    • Lab instructions and data are posted
    • Homework 5 is posted
  • Sept 29: R lab instructions re-posted with typos fixed.
  • Sept 22: Next lab will the Thurday Sept 29th. R at 9:00-10:30 and SAS at 10:30-12:00.
  • Sept 20: Wes's office hours for rest of semester: Wed 1:30-3:30, i224B Col. Wolf School, 403 East Healey (at corner of 4th & Healey) or if you would like a map
  • Sept 18: Homework #3 is due on THURSDAY Sept 22.
  • Sept 12: up-dated notes on inference for marginal model.
  • Sept 8: R script and SAS code posted below.
  • Lab 1 materials for both SAS and R are posted below. IF you are using SAS, make sure that your can access it. If you are using R, make sure that it is installed on your computer (you may want to get the package lmerTest beforehand).
  • Sept 1:
    • Homework #2 is due in class on Tuesday, September 6. If you want to see me in office hours before turning in the homework, may turn it in by 5pm to my mailbox on the 3rd floor of Education. Harcopy is much prefered (e-mail gets lost in my mailbox
    • The first computer lab on random intercept models will be Thursday September 8th. Those using R should attend the 9:00-10:30 session and those using SAS should attend the 10:30-12 session. Be sure to bring you (charged) laptop and it is useful to down load materials ahead of time. These will be posted in the near future.
    • The wiki that was online has been fixed thanks to our trusty IT staff.
    • To move files between the server and your laptop:
      • For PC users, just "copy" and "paste" file to/from laptop and server.
      • For MAC users, instructions are here and a screen shot is here.
  • Aug 30: Homework is due at the beginning of lecture. If you are sick then give it to a friend or e-mail it to both Wes and Carolyn.
  • Aug 30: If you come to the lab session at 9am for an introduction to SAS, bring your laptop and put data file on your remote desktop account (if using).
  • Aug 25:
    • Introduction to SAS will be Tuesday Sept 1, 9-10am in room 22 Education. Bring you laptop.
    • The lab sessions when we have them will be 9-10:30 for R and 10:30-12 for SAS and mostly likely be on Thursdays.

  • Aug 25: See below for the first homework assignement, which is due Tuesday August 30.

  • Aug 24: Those who came to class but weren't registered and signed the attendence sheet can all register. You have to send me your UIN and netid so that I can put in a request for an override.

  • Draft chapters on GLM, GLMM, and LLM (i.e., HLM).

  • Resources for R users:

  • Computing: We will be running statistical software (SAS) using remote desktop to a university server. Here are the instructions: remote desktop connection. Here is the file referred to in the instructions as an RDP file. --- Use "Save link as" when you download the RDP file and save it to a convient location (e.g., desktop). When you run the RDP application and it will run remote desktop application and set up configurations such that you will be able to directly open and save files from the remote server to your computer (and visa versa). If you don't want to do these things, just use your remote desktop program and enter "".

    There are 2 things that you need before you can do this:
    • Your computer must be hooked up to the internet. If you access the internet via campus wireless, home, hotel, Espresso Royal, or elsewhere), you will eed to use VPN (Virtual Private Networking) to securely connect to the campus internet.
    • You must be registered for the class. If you reccently registered, you may not yet have permission to login yet.

  • Lectures Notes: (I am up-dating throughout the semester)

  • Longitudinal Data Analysis

  • Multilevel Logistic Regression. (up-dated 2016)

  • Computer Lab Sessions: Bring laptop


    Examples of Papers that Use Multilevel Models

    Example SAS Programs (ascii/text format): Examples from Snijders & Bosker using SAS
  • Examples from Chapter 4 of Kreft & de Leeuw (provided and written by Carol Nickerson):
  • Handy Programs and Links: